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As AVEXAviation Express Cargo, We provide a service of concept which makes diffirence on
all of your logistics needs, both import and export transportations.

With AVEX, you can reach most suited service in best price for your international air & sea freights,
project cargoes and shipping insurance needs.

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Sea Freight

For your Sea feight shipments, both full container and less than container loads, We provide the most suitable service with fastest lines, best prices and worlwide agency network.

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Air Freight

We know how time is valuable for your urgent cargoes. For that, we make sure that your air shipments would arrive right on time. Ask for detailed information.

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Project Transportation

Non-standart goods require extraordinary solutions. The project transportations can be seemed difficult operations but they become easier with us.

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Transportation Insurance

It has neven been so advantageous to secure your goods with our insurance service. We can make you save either costs on custom tax or your working time.

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AVEX – Aviation Express Cargo