Air Freight

AVEX-Aviation Express Cargo, we aim to provide the most efficient airline service. Because we know, how valuable time is for your urgent cargoes.”

The most important aspect of airline logistics is “speed”. And as AVEX, we know speed comes with a cost. Precisely, for this reason to minimize the costs and provide the most advantegeous solutions, we get along very well with the figures.


Every cargo is urgent for us, but some cargoes are even more urgent. For your goods that need the fastest delivery, you can choose our express services.

If you want the most economical solution for your regular air freight cargoes, you can benefit from our promotional rates from consolidated services.

Suddenly changing plans, delays in delivery dates, necessary paperwork at departure and arrival place – you can share with us all the possible problems that keep you awake at night. We take great pleasure in finding solutions to your worries.

We work with many alternative airlines and carefully choose the most appropriate line for you.
Let us ease the cost of deliveries together, and your goods will reach your desired destination in the blink of an eye.

The fastest way to transport with direct services

Economic shipping options with indirect services

Alternative services according to time of your installation

Weekend outputs to minimize storage costs

Cost-effective consolidated services for lighter cargoes

Transit customs clearance at destination as specialized customs

Service to Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya airports in addition to Istanbul

Transportation of livestock cargoes

Best deals in intensely price-competitive areas

Best deals in regions where price competition is intense